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Silent Disco Hire Packages

Get your groove on with one of our Silent Disco Packages!

Great fun for all ages. Parents, have yourself a quiet party for the kids.

  • Just plug in you phone/ laptop/ tablet - and go!
  • High quality earphones with 3 channels
  • Have a party quietly! No need to worry about the neighbours - kick on all night!
  • Rechargeable batteries last up to 8 hours with the lights flashing and over 12 hours with them turned off!

$120 for 10 sets; $160 for 20; $190 for 30;

$220 for 40; $250 for 50.

Includes 3 transmitters

These SDKA LED Silent Disco headphones have a loud and proud sound, ultra comfort design and stunning bright LED lights that flash to the beat of your selected channel.

As used by Big Day Out and The Royal Easter Show, these LED headphones are the best Silent Disco headphones for the ultimate party experience. Play up to 3 different playlists/DJ’s at once, add as many headphones as you want.

Plug in. Press Play. Party. That’s it. No complicated pairing or configurations. It all just works out of the box – so you can focus on the fun and tunes.

The headphones support up to 3 channels of audio and have internal systems to reduce background noise from audio and transmission to give you crystal clean sound.

The centre LED light shows which channel the headphones are listening to and flashing LED lights on the edge flash to the beat to the music.

Phase-Lock Loop technology prevents signal loss over longer distances or in unusual environments.

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