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Festoon Lighting Hire

Festoon Lighting Hire - Supply Only.

$30.00 per 20 metre length (Warm)

$40.00 per 20 metre length (Yellow)

$10.00 per 3.5 - 4m bamboo pole

  • 4 - 40 watt Edison LED Festoon Lighting
  • 20 metre lengths - connectable
  • Connect up to 200m of Warm festoon lighting
  • Connect up to 40m of Yellow Lighting
  • Low power consumption
  • 4 metre bamboo poles available

Festoon Lighting Hire - Installation

Contact us for a quote. 

  • Let us do the work and set up your Festoon party lights at your next event.
  • Call, text or email for a quote. We just need to know;
  • Place/ Venue
  • Dimensions of venue - length, width, height
  • Other details such as date, access etc.  

Chauvet DMX Dimmer - For Festoon lights

$25.00 with DMX controller

With Chauvet's DMX 4 Channel Dimmer, you can dim up to 4 channels/ 8 sets of lights independently. Comes with a 6 channel DMX controller which can be placed up to 15m from the lights' power point for ease of use and accessibility. 

Decorative LED Globes & Droppers

Price dependant on number and hire package

We have decorative long pendant drop LED globes and droppers for features such as wedding tables and backdrops. (Please note, we do not have 300 of them so are unable to do 300m lengths! Our standard globe is the ST64 type Edison globe below.)

Please contact us and let us know your requirements and we can provide advice and a quote. 

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