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Microphone Hire

LD Wireless Dual Pro Vocal Microphones - $50.00

A professional handheld wireless microphone for singers, Mobile DJs, presentations, marriage celebrants, fitness instructors and so much more.

The LD WS1G8 HHD2 is a true diversity wireless dual handheld microphone system with 192 UHF channels that delivers natural sound with a wide dynamic range, high S/N ratio, and low THD in the 1785 – 1800 MHz band.

The LD Wireless system guarantees reliable audio transmission with a frequency response of 50 Hz to 16 kHz.

AKG PW45 Perception Sports Wireless Headset - $40.00

A premium headset from the makers of JBL and Harmen.

Perfect for instructors, performers, public address and presenting applications. Delivers brilliant sound with a simple and very easy to use design. The headset is water resistant for outdoor use.

  • Dynamic PT45 bodypack, with on/off/mute switch
  • C544 water resistant headset, with a natural airy sound
  • Up to 8 hour playtime with one single AA battery
  • Easy to use operation with squelch adjust

General Application Dual Wireless Microphone Sets - $30.00

Various general application wireless microphone sets including handheld and headsets.

These are our most popular wireless microphones for general use such as schools, sporting clubs, public address applications, yoga and sports instructors, weddings, karaoke and parties. 

Delivering true sound quality, these sets offer an alternative to our more expensive sets that require professional level sound such as singers.

Shure SM57 Pro Instrument Microphone Hire - $10.00

The Shure SM57 Dynamic Instrument Mic is a legendary multi-purpose microphone with a contoured frequency response for clean sound reproduction of amplified and acoustic instruments.

With its bright, clean sound and contoured frequency response, the SM57 has been used by some of the most famous and influential people around the world including every single United States President since the microphone’s introduction in 1965.

Microphone comes with 6m XLR - XLR cable. 

Optional mic stand available for $5.00 each if required.

Shure SM58 Pro Vocal Microphone Hire - $10.00

The Shure SM58 Dynamic Vocal Mic is used by top artists around the world. Its ability to isolate vocals and cut out background noise make it an industry favourite.

You can depend on the SM58 to do your voice justice. Exceptional performance and quality have earnt it a legendary reputation both in the recording studio and on-stage.

It's no surprise that when The Killers cut Mr Brightside, when Patti Smith gave power to the people, and when Public Enemy brought the noise, they were all holding an SM58.

Microphone comes with 6m XLR - XLR cable.

Optional mic stand available for $5.00 each if required.

Shure PG Drum Mic Kit Hire - $50.00

Mic up those drums and have that kick drum banging. The Shure PG Drum Microphone Kit includes PG56 microphones for close pickup, a PG52 tuned specifically for the low end of your kick and PG81 microphones for your overheads with a sensitive, flat response.

This package includes;

  • 3 x PG56 Microphones & 3 x A50D Drum Mounts for your snare and toms
  • 2 x PG81 Microphones for your overheads
  • 1 x PG52 Microphone for your kick
  • 6 x XLR cables

Optional mic stands available for $5.00 each if required.

Optional 8 channel, 8 metre stage snake available for $15.00/ 16 channel, 30 metre stage snake for $30.00

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