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Introducing Laser War Australia

From party sound and lighting to Laser Tag - too much to fit on Freo Hire's website - we invite you to visit our sibling wepage -

Laser War Australia has the best Laser Taggers in the world, with the highest military grade materials, and most advanced technological electronics. If you are looking to hire or buy laser tag equipment, check out our website or give us a call. 

Laser War - International Providers of Laser Tag

Laser War has sold 10's of thousands of units across 55 countries including most of Europe, the US and New Zealand. There are 100's of additional devices and the highest levels of Bluetooth and Wifi technologies mean wireless and seamless connections. 

Laser War Gear

The Phoenix (pictured right) is an example of the quality equipment available to buy or hire. Light (less than 1kg) and easy to hold for even younger kids, Laser War has developed a range of solutions to suit everything from the kids' parties in a backyard, to Corporate events, to serious "taggers" who play competition laser tag. 

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